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Meditation 202
No need to pray for me

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From: Danielle
Comments : I can't believe this is a real site. I think I need to pray for you - big time.

To: Danielle:

From: JT
Please don't waste your time praying for me. Big time or small time. It is not going to work, and you might risk losing your faith in the power of prayer.
Best wishes

To: John
From: Danielle
Not a chance - I will pray for you...and all the potential people you may lead astray.[1] And regarding prayer not working, sorry my friend, but that is not your call, it rests with a much higher power. Thank God, literally.
Blessing, Danielle


If you want to pray for anyone, there are many in far more need of prayer than I am. You could start among your fellow Christians.

If that is not enough for you to pray for, then pray for followers of other religions.

Danielle, your prayers would be best directed at ending religious strife everywhere in the world. Your prayers would be best directed at getting those who preach messages of hate to change to a message of mutual respect.

There's no need to pray for agnostics. Unlike those I've given a small sample of above, we are "mostly harmless."


  1. I don't lead people astray. I'd be highly surprised if anyone with a firm religious belief suddenly "saw the light" as a result of these pages. What I do provide is a place where agnostics can find a home, where we can make common cause, where we can oppose the unwanted intrusions of the religions of others into our lives.