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Meditation 177
Polar Openings

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On the UCTAA discussion board, a member posted a reference to a polar expedition to visit the northern polar opening, which apparently leads into a hollow Earth, supposedly the home of the ten lost tribes of Israel. And you can join this expedition scheduled for the summer of 2005 for a mere $21,000. Don't worry, it hasn't sold out yet - there are 108 places available.

I should have probably ignored the whole thing. Just another bunch of pseudo-science crackpots like flat-earth believers. But it did have a religious overtone with the reference to the ten lost tribes. So I researched it a bit, and was astounded to find any number of varieties of beliefs in polar openings and an inhabited hollow Earth:

  • There are those who see it as the home of the lost ten tribes;
  • There are others who claim it is the source of UFOs;
  • There are those who link it, not surprisingly, to astrology;
  • It is an element of Aryan / Nazi / fascist occult beliefs
  • References can be found in Hinduism and in Tibetan Buddhism;
  • Supposedly, it proves the validity of the Book of Mormon;
  • Of course it is the subject of a massive cover-up by variously the US Government, the United Nations, and the world scientific community;
  • and every possible combination of the above.

I don't understand what leads people into this sort of belief. There is no evidence for polar openings. There is no evidence for a hollow Earth. Rather, the evidence strongly points to the opposite conclusion. This is an issue on which I am not agnostic.

But suppose I am wrong....

I did an extensive investigation and came to the conclusion that the believers in polar openings have missed an important point. Over the past hundreds of millions of years the poles have moved. But, the polar openings, which logically must be connected to the surface, cannot move as fast. Friction limits movement to less than a millimeter every 100,000 years. As a result, the north polar opening is currently located in south-east Alberta as it makes its extremely slow movement north.. As a matter of fact it is located directly beneath the old shed in my back yard.[1]

So, rather than spend $21,000 on the fool's quest referred to in the opening paragraph above, I invite 10 interested parties to participate in investigating the real polar opening in my back yard. And it will only cost $5,000 a head. Plus, each participant may keep as a souvenir as much of the old shed as you can carry.

After we have explored the hollow Earth, we will secure it for future generations, and protect the privacy of the inhabitants, by covering the newly excavated opening with a cement pad and erecting a modern two-car garage on it.

Please indicate your interest by sending me a non-refundable deposit for the full $5,000 fee. This will enable me to pre-order necessary supplies.


  1. Coincidently, I have determined conclusive archeological evidence for the Book of Mormon lies directly beneath my house. Once I have my new garage, I will be inviting 40 participants to conduct a further investigation under the house for a mere $25,000 each. On completion, we will secure the site by construction of a new residence.