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Discussion 1 on Meditation 169
Re: True Faith

by: Gabriel Seah

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Many agnostics/atheists brought up in the Judaeo-Christian tradition or community have strong views about religion and its evils, but these are often justified, based as they often are, mostly on their experiences with Christians.

In reality, not all religions are as exclusive or bigoted as the monotheistic ones we are familiar with.

While religion may be a factor behind the many evils detailed (the burning of heretics and so-called witches in the middle ages, the subjugation of native peoples of the New World by the Conquistadores, the motivation for countless wars throughout history and the justification for destruction of the World Trade Center), I would say that religion is only a catalyst that intensifies existing tendencies.

To ascribe all the ills to religion is simplistic and ignores the importance of socio-economic, political and historical factors. Often religion is only serves to provide an excuse for people to show their darker natures, and is not the reason for those natures.