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Meditation 156
The Expert on who God Hates

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I was browsing through one of Fred Phelps' web sites (GodHatesAmerica.com,)[1] and came across a map of the USA which purports to show God's wrath[2] across the country. What is displayed is a map of the USA, and by clicking on a state, you get a list of incidents which supposedly demonstrate Phelps' god's wrath.

Interestingly, the map just shows 48 states. No territories, no Alaska, and no Hawaii. It's as if the person who designed this whole thing is mentally stuck in the '50s, and wants to return to the age of Eisenhower..

Just to find out how much danger I am in, I clicked on the states closest to Alberta. I looked at Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Amazingly, for each of these states (as of September 2003,) Phelps had been unable to come up with a single example of his god's wrath anywhere close to home. You can imagine how relieved I felt.

Clicking at random around the map, I found that God's wrath is limited to a only some of the states. He seems particularly angry at California, while he totally ignores Nevada. I guess gambling and whorehouses are quite OK with Phelps' version of god.

The only example of God's wrath in Florida is 1992's Hurricane Andrew. Why Hugo, Camille, Opal, Gordon, Allison, Erin, Kate, Georges, Floyd, and Irene don't count as part of God's wrath is not made clear.

Around the USA, most examples of Phelps' god's wrath seem to be weather related; hurricanes, tornados, floods and droughts. In addition there are a few fires and earthquakes. And apparently nothing prior to 1989. It would seem, according to Phelps, that his god didn't really hate America prior to 1989. There must have been quite another reason he sent natural disasters before that date.

And if natural disasters are the prime example of this god's wrath, then it seems to me that it is not just the USA that he hates. It's the whole Planet Earth and all it's inhabitants. And apparently he has always had a hate for all of us. And this is Phelps' god of love.

Not every one of Phelps' examples is a natural disaster. For some reason, Phelps seems to think a fanatic shooting up a Texas Baptist Church is an example of his god's wrath. Funny how this god treats his followers, isn't it.

And of course, 11 September 2001 is given as an example of God's wrath. Phelps has an astonishing amount of vitriol elsewhere on his web site making this linkage. I really wonder why Phelps remains nominally a Christian. Should he not take this incident as a sign to convert to Islam? Clearly, the god of the lunatic fringe of Islam is behind this tragedy rather than the god of the insane fringe of Christianity.



  1. I notice that since this was written, Phelps has added GodHatesSweden.com and GodHatesCanada.com to his internet empire of hatred. Perhaps over time, he'll come to realize that he needs to invest in a new URL - FredPhelpsGodHatesEveryoneOnPlanetEarthIncludingFredPhelps.com.
  2. This link is now broken. But the main page of the site still points to disasters in various parts of the USA as evidence that God hates a state. Currently, spring floods show God hates Missouri. The map idea has been transferred to a new Phelps site, http://www.godhatestheworld.com/