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Meditation 144
Druid Highway Safety

by: JT

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This world can be an exceedingly strange place.

The Austrians are reported to be using druids[1] to reduce the accident rate on the country's autobahns.

They conducted a secret trial on a stretch of road which averaged six fatal accidents a year. Over the two-year experiment, there were no accidents.

Apparently Archdruid Gerald Knoblauch used a divining rod to check out the highway and as a result determined that the earth's energy lines had been disrupted. The major cause was diversion of a river by the highway. But, by erecting two one-ton quartz pillars beside the road, he restored the earth's energy lines to their proper flow. This was equivalent to acupuncture on the earth, he claimed.

As a result of this success, the program is being extended across Austria. The services of druids are cheaper than doing roadwork.

I have to admit I'm extremely dubious. I suspect that if there is an identifiable cause for the drop in the accident rate, it is not the restoration of the earth's energy lines. Rather, it is drivers seeing large rocks placed beside the road, and slowing down to make sure they don't hit them.

Perhaps all faith based religions can learn a lesson from the Austrian druids. Let each of them adopt a stretch of highway, not just to clean up the trash as is now the case, but to work to reduce the accident rate. Let it be a real test of the power of prayer, and how it compares to acupuncture of the earth.


  1. Calgary Herald, 10 August 2003