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Discussion 1 to Meditation 109
God has made it absolutely impossible for me not to believe.

by: Pauline Davis, The Peace Lady

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You are absolutely right in many things you have to say. (Meditation 107, Meditation 109)  Why does God send just one person to tell the world? FREEWILL. We are sent to the so-called believers, since they do not respond to us we have a right to call for the avenger due to our constant frustrations. 

Understand this, just because we call does not mean God will comply. I do not know why we are left alone so much but we are.  Every prophet has had to endure long silences.  I am no different.  It is frustrating and I am human. 

The only reason I am able to endure all this time is just one thing, and that is, God has made it absolutely impossible for me not to believe.

I also know, without this opportunity to control both our political and religious leaders the world is heading for total self destruction with all these weapons we continue to create but cannot control.  We are incapable of repairing what we can destroy and I want the world to continue, so I am here for the duration or whatever it takes to change the way things are.

Thank you for the courtesy of at least reading my ad whether or not you agree with me.  I was sent to the believers but I am happy to note even you found my ad interesting enough to comment.

From your remarks I am glad to see you are at least able to think for yourself.  Wish I could say the same for my people.

I am just now learning to answer e-mails.  I have no hydro[1] so I am really behind the times but I guess I do have to catch up.

Thank you again for noticing me.

Sincerely yours

Pauline Davis, The Peace Lady.

P.S. In regard to your comment about the four corners of the earth if you put the world in a cube I think you could find the four corners, even in a sphere.[2]



* Pauline died on 12 April 2017. Her website currently consists of just a notice of her death. Perhaps for anyone interested, the old content might be found on The Wayback Machine (archive.org) though I have not checked to be sure.

  1. Editor's note: In the province of Ontario, "hydro" is commonly used as a term for "electric power."
  2. Editor's note: A cube actually has 8 corners.