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Meditation 68
Is there a God?

by Donna Dixon Woodall

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Actually, even if there is a God and the Heaven as described in the Bible, I'd rather not go there. The idea of spending eternity with a multitude of self righteous, judgemental Christians who believe the physical act of violence against others is endorsed by their Father in Heaven, is something I can't imagine.

I'd prefer to go wherever the horses and dogs and little kids go who are beaten to death under the guise of being "Saved".

The whole idea of God being loving, while the Bible is filled with detailed descriptions of God's acts of violence and gifts of plagues and sacrifices of children to test man's faith, is not credible..

It is incomprehensible that anyone can accept the hypocrisy inherent in the Bible's teaching. It doesn't have concepts of unconditional love and compassion that I'd prefer.

The idea of man being superior to animals is not because of man's superior morality or devotion.

I've never seen a mother dog or cat not respond with all haste to the cries of her offspring, while, Christian parents ignore their babies cries, to not SPOIL it. Or, to teach it just whose the boss.

I find more true love and morality in the behavior of animals than in the religious tenets of any organized religion. Religion seems designed to give males power over all else, regardless of their humanness or their mental and moral attitudes towards life. And religion has no concept of any respect for anything other than itself.

What egocentric, self absorbed beings can claim to be the source of the wars and aggression, enslavement and dismemberment required by the deities that organized religion worships?