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Discussion 16 to to Meditation 20
Age of Creation

by: Robert F vonBriesen

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One does not need to engage in an exhaustive study of the Bible nor to earn a PhD in order to determine the Age of Creation; all that is required is some common sense. That, and some study of other disciplines such as archeology, anthropology, astronomy, geology and/or ancient history.

What should be readily apparent is, in cosmic terms, nothing happens in a day. Any attempt to relate galactic or cosmic changes in Earth terms of time is already flawed. Astro-physicists have observed planet formation processes that take thousands of years; scientific estimates of the age of the Earth are in the range of billions of years.

As the Bible is a collection of myths, legends and fabrications, why would anyone even attempt to use those stories as a basis for anything? It has already been proven that it is not even accurate from a historical perspective.
The source article might be interesting but only in the humorous aspect of how far a person can go when stretching the symbolism in the Bible.


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