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Discussion 13 to Meditation 20
Re-synthesizing an answer

by: Graham Kent

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Continuing from my earlier Discussion 11.

I would like to keep re-synthesizing an answer to your questions presented in your article(s)

After taking time to re-read the article on the 'dualing' creation dates between Ussher (4004) and Warren (11,013) I understand that you are presenting the evidence of the 70% error as a fact and not a forecast, something weathermen or witches do!

The documented evidence I can reproduce will/would eventually tie in all the numbers between cracking this nut of time. 10,000, 4000 and 6000 years of time are split up so many ways to Sunday and then further confused and/or contaminated by the Vatican record keeping of mayan manuscripts. There really is so much to cover with ancient numbers, particular, the half Zodiac cycle of 12960 years, and whether we have yet crossed an Aquarian age threshold that dates back to Plato’s Great Solar year of 36525 years ago.

Since you mentioned 11,013 "BC" I have considered dates in this range, but when thinking upon them though I prefer the Zoroastrian conceptual year for
“When time began” in 9660 “BC”, and also a good beginning point is Wayne Herschel’s 9997 BC at Gobekli Tepe Sun Rise depicting the hearth stars (Star of Ra—origin of human race). This dates 3 years after 10,000 BC is when the temples A through F in the Taurus Mountains at Gobekli Tepe are matched with the Pleiades rising with the Home Star/Blazing Star in Freemasonry (not Sirius A-C). The circular temples resemble the stars in the Pleiades. The star Aldebaran is rising in zero Aries and is the eye of the Bull of the ground formation around Sanlurfa from above.

I recommend the website Gobekli Tepe Constellations. I also recommend Wayne Herschel's website TheHiddenrecords.com in particular, the link to Gobekli Tepe where you will see what I am talking about by Origin Star/Blazing Star.

9997 – 5601 (Mantheo’s Reign of Human Kings before Adam) = 4396 BC = Adam’s Birth as Cheops the Great. His tomb of the Adites in the Great Pyramid was later after the flood moved to and buried at Gobekli Tepe, as an Ark of knowing.

When 9660 or 9997 or 11013 for the matter are broken in half then we can understand the why 1 AD became so many things in the eyes of so little (less) people back then.

Double dating was a common practice in number theory games back then at least to the Maya Jaguar Priests.

For example 11013 / 2 = 5506 =Byzantium Era Creation date. So maybe a 50% error would be more fair!

Another example is found by subtracting the 5500 years said in the Book of Adam and Eve for God to Return and walk in the flesh among men, 5,500 years after creation.

Let’s try using 9660 and the 5196 Creation Year of the Toltec /Aztec and 9660 -5196 = 4464 which equals the year 68 or 69 AD in the calendar that is 800 years less (Generation of Adam) than the first 5196 creation date.

The same thing happens when I put in the year 5266 as the Year of Creation when "Jesus was on the Cross” and when Ixtliloxochitl describes that the Sun and Moon Eclipsed and severe earthquakes occurred in a Chicimec or Toltec year 1 House. I discovered that 1 House occurred in 33 BC and 69 AD. And there were eclipses in both years, but that Venus also transited/eclipsed/grazed the sun in 68 or 69 BC. This was the last single transit of Venus for virtually 3,888 years.

Other Venus Transits occurred in 62 or 63 BC and 60 AD, but the last to graze the sun is the one that I believe is associated with the Crucifixion of the Feathered Serpent (Venus) aka Quetzalcoatl. I have proof from Donald Hemingway “Bearded White God of Ancient America the Legend of Quetzalcoatl” book that he states that Boturini found out the Maya tied the year 4066 of the world creation to the date when the Eclipse and Earthquake occurred. This is the event called the Crucifixion which was during the Transit of Venus (lord of the dawn) across the sun (father). I believe that Herculaneaum and Pompei, Vesuvius erupted in 69 Ad and that 79 AD is a common 10 year error we have with time, Example , with a maya world age ending in 4010 and as you know we hoover around 4000, there's another 10 or 11 year year between different tribes of maya calendars, mixtec and chichemec. I digress.

In my calculations of this, combining the work of Ixtliloxochitl and his Toltec Relations Timetable of Creation world ages, I discovered why a 1200 year difference (1200 years = Kali Yuga error) occurs when he places the same event that happened in 69 AD with the creation year 5266. 5266-1200 = 4066 and this accounts for the triple versions of calendars that were in use, one had Creation at the earlier 3996 BC , the other 4396 (difference of 400 years) and the third at 5197 or 5200 BC. Rounding out the numbers 3996 + 4 = 4000 and +1200 = 5200. Now you see that Ussher placed creation ahead of the lower Maya Creation date of 3996 by another four years over the 4000 year mark. 8 years is the cycle of Venus. By using 3996 as zero creation I discovered the crucifixion of Quetzalcoatl/Jesus is actually if in 4066, the year 70 AD. Yet I prefer 3997 as the year 1 AD and 3996 as 1 BC or 2 BC or simply zero. This makes Wayne Herschel’s date of 9997 BC – 3997 as 1 AD = 6000 years

Now subtract from the birth of time according to Zoroaster. 9660 - 5266 = 4394, and that is about 2 BC, according to another record of time at 1 AD = 4396 years from creation. 4394 + 69 = 4463. Instead of 4463 BC being remembered as the date for the Crucifixion in one calendar it was called 702 or 703 AD, the year Bede wrote his book titled “On Time”. Using the Creation year 3761 adding 702 years finds another 4463.
3728 + 735 = 4463; 735 – 69 = 666

I address these issues regarding 702 years and its application to the Manipulated time of 297 years elsewhere.

I may as well also begin to relate with you how the Maya calendar begin in 2688 BC, and that 2688 BC was actually the year 1040 BC, Because, year zero 1AD to the ancients of that timeperiod were in fact using 3761 as 1 AD, therefore, if Christ were born really in 32 or 33 BC as some people suggest (to link later), then it accounts for a year of Christ Incarnation in 3728 BC. You will see using this number as a lower common denominator in factoring Creation dates, accomplishes the reversal of many thought to be older BC dates. So, for example, 3114 “BC” is really 614 BC when 3728 is zero and time is going backwards toward Creation so the numbers are getting less, becoming smaller.

Did you know the same amount of years from 4004 BC to 1491 BC (Noah’s Ark) are 2513 total, the same years are said to be the years recorded on the Aztec Sun Stone yet happened from 954 BC to 1559 AD?

This is the reason, 3761 – 954 (1st Age of Jaguar Sun Aztec Calendar Stone) = 2807 = Tsunami in Indian Ocean caused most likely by a comet that created Burckle Crater Great Flood occurring May 10, or 2807 BC. 2807 BC is 614 years from 2193 BC which is the Great Flood sinking of Atland (atlantis) which is the same event that happened 614 years earlier or later.

What about other flood dates and maya calendar dates? Let’s examine a prime case in “double dating”. 3728 as 1 ad minus 1359 BC (Venus rising over Volcano at Izapa, alternative start to Maya Calendar fourth world age beginning) = 2369 BC the other major date for a world wide Great Flood of Noah. “Venus in Maya means No-ehk”.

Venus means having knowledge and cloaking it with power that appears invisible or hidden. 319 BC is the oldest date know for the fall of Tula, Quetzalcoatl’s place of departure. 319 BC + 1040 = 1359. Remember how I said the true date for the Maya calendar beginning its fourth age was actually only in 1040 BC? Felix Verbelen came up with the correct date of 2688 BC but even he doesn’t know or understand how 2688 BC was actually 1040 BC. He did discover the 426 year error in the Maya Calendar by cracking the supernova of 1054 AD in the Dresden Codex as the event describes 1 Ahau and a Venus Rising event coupled with the supernova of the Crab Nebula. He even postulates the End of the 5125 years in 2438 AD! This is nothing though we see that the earliest date for the calendar with was corrected by 120 years, used to be 920 BC, for 3728 -920 = 2808 = The best date BC for the Great Flood. So let’s say the calendar began earliest as 920 BC, which is about 34 years from 954 BC a date already established as beginning the most ancient age of the Jaguar from the Aztec Calendar stone. The Vatican has a date for each of the ages as 5206 and 4804 and 4081 and 4008 and 4010. But these were all guesses on the endings the Years of Creation not in 4 or 5 separated world ages! Example 5126 – 920 = 4206, 1,000 years short or longest age.

Also 4493 BC is a great place to began Astronomical age of Taurus. And this 9660 - 4493 = 5167 = 33 BC when I use 5199 or 5200 years as Creation, or 1 AD. 5167 + 33 = 5200. The Maya were not the only ones that placed Creation between 5197 and 5206 years, so did Eratosethenes and Boturini,

Here is another example: 9660 - 6676 (year 1479 date of Aztec Sun Calendar Stone ending Carved) = 2984 = 1492 x 2

One for the Noah and the Ark in BC times and one 1492 for Columbus and his Arks.

6000 years plus 676 years more had accrued according to one method of telling time that is what the Aztecs called the year 1479 AD was 6676 from Creation, because what was left over from when time began but Noah and Columbus 1492 and then Cortez 1519. The Maya calculated in 520 increments also. It was thought that 843 + 13 heavens or 676 years = 1519.
520 + 520 = 1040
676 + 364 = First two world ages on Sun Stone.
312 + 676 = 988 = Return of Quetzalcoatl, Venus, 920 + 68 AD cycle
988 + 26 (number of years before fifth age commenced) = 1014
1014 + 3998 (within 1 year or 1 AD) = 5012 = Return of Quetzalcoatl/Jesus/Messiah according to Vatican Maya world ages.
1238 (day sun stood still) – 572 (520 + 52) = 666
1492 (Ark of knowing) - 572 (520 + 52) = 920 = Venus begins new cycle as planet not comet.

In some cases the Great Flood was said to last 52 years. In some cases the Great Flood was followed by a migration 520 years later.

3433 + 52 = 3485 “BC” flood date Arabic completion of Great Pyramid and Flood
6174 BC Arab or Indian Creation date + 3486 = 9660 = when time began
Also, Shu-Reed Ben Shulak ben termini ben Sal is the Arabic builder of the Great Pyramid and is said to have taken 61 years to build, and 600 to see if it is not destroyed. 9660 – 661 = 8999 – 4004 = 4995 , 4995 is only 1001 years from 3996 the truer date for 1 AD.

1 AD was confused for the incarnation of Christ by Boturinni and the Jewish date for creation that created 270 years between them in this way, 3997 + 33 = 4030 – 270 = 3760.

There is a ton more information to sort, in the 297 (270+27) years manipulated between 614 AD and 911 AD. I have written about this elsewhere and will provide a link, for example google Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 from God like productions I wrote that article.

One last thing I need to say is that 4493 BC (see Vladimir Pokomov starry Duat) - 4396 (where I put ADAM as cheops born) = 97 years. Now it is possible that both dates are correct and that zero was at one time at both dates since the most major astrological conference on ancient time occurred in India or Mexico in 97 BC, this year is referred to as 1 Flint/knife/mirror year. I use 3900 = 97 BC and so 3997 is 1 ad. 3900 is three 1300 year periods.

Ixtliloxochitl uses 5097 as the date for 97 BC. In dealing with these numbers from the timetable itself (see "Astronomical Considerations in the Aztec Expression of History" by Aveni and Calnek) we see that the Sun stood still in 4779 from Creation which leaves about 319 years to 97 BC, so technically 416 BC. It is most intriguing that "Sahagun (Hist. de la Nuleva Espafia, Lib. viii, cap. 5) places the destruction of Tula in the year 319 B. C.; Ixtlilxochitl (Historia Chichmeca, iti, cap. 4) brings it down to 969 A. D.; the Codex Ramirez (p. 25) to 1168; and so on." . So variation on the destruction of Tula where the Sun Quetzalcoatl is from and stood still is 1,487 years. from 319 BC to 1168 AD. Now hang on to your hats, because, Quetzalcoatl 9 Winds is said to be born in 3409 BC, which is exactly 319 years before 3728 from Creation the year that was used to place Christ's birth in 33 BC matching an eclipse and earthquake witnessed by Herod. So it appears the most ancient reckoning for Tula being destroyed is correct but that Quetzalcoatl was not born in 3409 BC, but 3,409 years from Creation, i.e. in 319 BC. This fits my reinterpretation of all BC dates.


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