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Discussion 11 to Meditation 20
4004 is based on an incorrect idea

by: Graham Kent

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Your Age of the World, Universe and Everything article is bold but gets nowhere fast.

Actually you are on the right track with forecasting a 70% error but you have no idea why, save for "Ussher" and "Tony Warren".

First of all a world age ended in 70 AD and "70" wrote the bible and 70 is the number of the talking head and means "secret".

Second of all the Maya record the crucifixion in 69 AD.

4004 is based on an incorrect idea that 1 Reed = 63 AD and 52 years prior the coming of Quetzalcoatl was another 1 Reed date. For example, The Venerable Archbishop Bede decided that Creation began exactly 52 years prior 4004, I.e. in 3952.

4004 is an attempt to synchronize the world ages of the Toltecs Aztecs and Maya. How? Well a world age to the Maya was considered to be 3 x 572 or 1,716 years. For example according to Ixtlilxochitl’s Creation Year Timeline the Third world age of the Earth Sun began in 3433 from Creation or about 1764 BC. This date is about 273 years from 1491 when Noah landed the Ark according to Cambridge. Well it so happens that 273 years extra years are found between the Jewish Creation year of 3761 and Boturini’s date for the incarnation of Jesus in 4034 year of the world.

The problem with 4004 is that after two world ages of the Maya completed in 3433 years from Creation we are left with a third of another age (1716
+1716 +572 = 4004) left wanting to be completed. The Third world age would be complete in 2 x 572 years or 1144 added to 4004, which gives 5148 years.

Interestingly enough 1144 years corresponds to a prophecy of Quetzalcoatl returning after 13 heavens and 9 hells. A “Hell” or “Heaven” period is 52 years. The dates we have for the Return of Quetzalcoatl are from 843 Ad + 1144 = 1987 AD.

The hell period of 468 years is ended at the Time of Cortez in 1519. I believe that the 468 years began after the second Toltec Migration in 375 AD, ending the 13th Heaven cycle in 1519. Yet, concepts of Heaven and Hell differ from a people and their record of time.

Yet, believe it or not, all of this subverting the Third Age with the second and placing Christ in Place of Quetzalcoatl at the beginning of the fourth millennium age after Creation mixing up the Maya Calendars with ours, after all is said and done we still have little to none education about this. I have been researching 9/11 and 2012 and I have retrieved the Code of Time behind the Bible.

If you are interested in more talk to me. The Maya calculated 1 AD as 3996 years after Creation. To some other Maya, 4396 was 1 AD. The Olmec and Aztec calculated 5197 as 1 AD. All in all the entire age of a “Kali Yuga” (1200 years) was used to offset the Golden age from happening again.

And a period of 297 years was found missing, if we decide the third age ended with Christ or Quetzalcoatl, his world age, increases from 1716 + 297 = 2013.

These 297 years were found inserted between 614 and 911 AD. The manipulation of time includes guilty people like Ussher, and the Germans and the Jews. But we already knew that, from an “agnostic perspective”. Right?


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