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Meditation 04
The Church and the Movies

NOTE: Time has made this meditation somewhat dated as the film in question has finally been released [to mixed reviews] and is now available on Video and DVD. However, the invitation we made still stands.

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It has been reported that a film named Dogma has been made which pokes a little fun at the Catholic Church. Now it is having problems obtaining a North American distributor because various Catholic organizations are lobbying against it, threatening the usual demonstrations and boycotts. We, in North America, may never get to see this film. How unfortunate!

Let me make a public invitation on behalf of our Church, the Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic. To all filmmakers everywhere. You are invited to make a movie about our Church. Poke fun at us! Satirize us mercilessly. Feature us in a parody. Whatever! We will not protest. We will not boycott. We will most likely attend the film and take our friends, and later, buy the DVD.

The only conditions we request are:

  1. our Web Site and address shall be featured in the films credits, and
  2. our Patriarch shall be invited to the premiere (all expenses paid.)