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Agnostic Testimony 29
I never really felt myself a Christian

by: Burjs

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My name is Burjs.

I am an ex-military man, 51 years old, and for years I have tried in vain to find my place in the world but also a true understanding in my beliefs. I have gone so far as to be baptized, feeling that having done so, I too might become the perfect Christian, attending not only the Baptist religious churches but also Catholic, Lutheran churches as well. I might add, I have never really felt myself a Christian, only because I see such hypocrisy not only in the so-called "true" faith but also in those that profess their Christian faiths.

As a black, gay man you might better understand my reason for seeking out and wanting to embrace something that fits my life and my ideas and feeling about how we came to be. I feel that a higher being exists and that Jesus Christ was a man here on earth, but I don't believe in the bible as written.

My strong belief is that those words and that book as well as those that preach God's so called words-use them & have twisted them to scare & frighten man & woman into believing something that really isn't true or at least not the way it was intended.

I'm sure of only one thing - we certainly may or may never really know a God as so many believe. I myself am no longer putting my belief in a God nor even in man but put my beliefs in my heart that I am here for a reason, and when I die I will not worry where I am going or if I'm going at all, but will just finally be at peace.


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