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What Happened to My Application?

The issue of degrees and ordinations is not a fully automated process. Errors and omissions do occur.

If you did not receive an acknowledgement message within 48 hours, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Your email address was in error;
  2. Your application failed screening;
  3. Personal travel may have delayed a response (this is usually advertised on the site)
  4. Your application disappeared into Internet limbo; or
  5. The reply disappeared into Internet limbo.
  6. We routinely ignore applications from countries where we believe that ordination and membership will put the applicant's life in danger. We do not enter into correspondence on this issue, again for the applicant's protection.

If you do not get a personal acknowledgement of your application within a week, and you feel you should have, then resubmit the application, and specify in the comments block that it is a resubmission.

If you received the acknowledgement and responded to it, and your application has not been actioned within a reasonable period, then reply again to the acknowledgement querying the status of your application, provided your problem is not listed below.

Regular Problems: