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Unactioned & Ignored Multiple Requests

Multiple applications are ignored. We consider multiple applications to be the submission of applications simultaneously or within an unacceptably brief period of time for:

Submit one and only one application to one and only one organization. You may submit a "higher" application no sooner that fourteen days after an earlier application has been finalized.

Membership in UCTAA or ordination from UCTAA or WCA precludes subsequent applications for a Bachelor of Adequacy. If you want it, apply first, and wait to submit further applications.

Ordination from UCTAA or WCA precludes a subsequent application for membership. If you want simple membership, apply first, and wait to submit an application for ordination.

UCTAA and WCA ordination are mutually exclusive. Choose one or the other.

We consider multiple applications clear evidence of unsuitability for any form of membership and not worthy of consideration or the time required for document preparation. Such applicants have either not bothered to read the instructions, or decided to to ignore them.

We simply delete multiple applications. We do not bother writing to advise that we have deleted such applications. Experience has shown us that this is a total waste of time, and we are bored with whiny responses about our supposed discourtesy and meanness. The only discourtesy lies in the multiple application submissions.

Unfortunately, if something is offered for free, there will always be a small minority who look for more than their fair share. The forefinger used to press the delete key on their applications is symbolically pointing straight up.

For anyone who submits multiple applications and seriously wishes to apply within the clearly stated policies, then a single new application may be submitted no sooner than one full month after the last application submitted. Such an application shall include a brief explanation and (at least a semblance of) an apology in the comments section in order to be considered.