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Even though the head of church is no longer writing regularly for the website and updates may have ceased, ordinations are still being performed.

We suggest that it is in your interest to understand what you are agreeing to when you submit an ordination application. If you care to take the time to read everything that was on this page before, please continue by clicking here.

For those that don't care to get into details, just continue on this page to the application form.

Multiple Application Policy

If you have previously requested a Bachelor of Adequacy degree from IUN, please observe the waiting period before applying for ordination.

If you have previously requested membership in UCTAA, please observe the waiting period before applying for ordination.

If you have previously been ordained by us and lost your certificate, request replacement documentation here.

Multiple applications will be deleted unactioned. We will not waste time advising you.

Ordination Application

An alternative ordination option through the Worldwide Church of Agnostics is available for those Agnostics who cannot accept the three Articles of Faith in full. No degree is provided with WCA ordination.

We only provide one ordination per person. Kindly do not apply for both types simultaneously or at separate times.

If you intend applying under a false name, please read this first.

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If you do not receive a response in a reasonable time, please read this.


  1. All Degrees are granted by the International University of Nescience, the educational arm of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic, a leader in Apathetic & Agnostic Studies since the second millennium. The University is a totally unaccredited institution, and advises applicants that its degrees may not receive the full recognition they deserve from third parties. The University stands behind its emailed degrees with the claim that they are worth at least the paper they are printed on. The University wishes you good luck in using its degrees on resumes and job applications, but suggests it would be unwise of you. Do not expect the University to respond to requests for transcripts of marks from prospective employers.