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Bachelor of Adequacy Degree

The International University of Nescience is pleased to make available its exclusive Bachelor of Adequacy to applicants who consider themselves to meet the qualification of being just about good enough and who do not wish to participate in the Church.

Please understand that these degrees are individually prepared. This is not an online automated process. And we do give preparation of these degrees a lower priority than applications for membership and ordination. In applying, you accept that there may be some delays.

Your fully personalized degree certificate will be e-mailed to you in high quality jpeg format so you can print the document or use it as your screen wallpaper.

All Degrees are granted by the International University of Nescience, the educational arm of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic, the leader in Apathetic & Agnostic Studies since the second millennium. The University is a totally unaccredited institution, and advises applicants that its degrees may not receive the full recognition they deserve from third parties. The University stands behind its emailed degrees with the claim that they are worth at least the paper they are printed on. The University wishes you good luck in using its degrees on resumes and job applications. However, do not expect the University to respond to requests for transcripts of marks from prospective employers.

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