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Talk Back 120
What I Believe

by: Linda

This was submitted as comments on an application for a degree from IUN. I'm not sure what Linda would classify herself as - if she felt the need to self-classify - perhaps a "none"; or a "spiritual, not religious"; or "new age." I have published her comments here as a bit of insight into those who choose a non-traditional spiritual path. jt

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I was raised a Catholic but when I was 12 years of age I questioned a God??

I have my own belief. I believe in Mother Nature. I believe in Science to a point. I believe that the bible being written by man was to control the populations. Religion causes wars.

I do not believe in a heaven or hell. If there is a hell then it is on earth as is a heaven aka peace of mind. I believe we make our own hell or peace of mind although outside influences can affect our lives.

I believe our soul, for lack of a better word,is the energy that comes with conception. Our energy controls our brain and our brain or mind is housed in our body, our body being like a house to function.

Have you ever thought "WOW!, a brain performing brain surgery"? That is deep. In essence that is what it is, the brain controls us and our bodies are just the vehicle.

I also believe that when we die that the energy that once controlled our brain is still somewhere but where I do not know, just like when we turn to dust the atoms are still there but in a different form.

Well, I just touched on a bit of my thoughts and beliefs. Also I once had what I call the "AH HA" moment where I thought for a fleeting second why we are here and in that second knew all the answers and it seemed so simple, then, as fast as that thought came it was gone in a flash as were all the answers.

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