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Discussion 4 to Talk Back 89
Good to hear you are not insulted

by: JT

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I am so glad that you "will never feel insulted by your group, no matter how many "666" references or purposefully disrespectful non-capitalizations of "god" you may attempt to stick in my craw." Because of, course, you shouldn't be. And you should not even feel it necessary to let us know you are not insulted.

Let's look at the trinity of items you seem concerned about in this particular quoted sentence.

  1. 666
  2. god/God
  3. sticking it in your craw.

As a Christian well versed in your faith, you are no doubt aware that the oldest currently-known manuscripts refer to "616" rather than "666."[1] Many contemporary Christian Bible scholars consider that 666 may be an early transcription error. Those Bibles which contain footnotes identifying disputed passages invariably point this out. The references to 666 on this site are really aimed at those, whether they be Christians, Satanists, New Age followers, or whatever, who give 666 an undue mystical significance. Except when referring to "the beast," 666 is just another number. And when referring to "the beast," there's a good chance it's the wrong number.

As to purposefully disrespectful non-capitalizations of "god" - in general they are purposeful, but not disrespectful. Agnosticism is not a statement solely about the god that you call God,[2] but about all gods; many of whom have other names. Even the Bible makes a distinction between the usage of god and God.[3]

As has been said many times on this site, it is not aimed at converting anyone. It is aimed at supporting agnostics who, for various reasons, tend not to be aware that there are other agnostics out there. So, Ben, this site is not aimed at you. Of course you are welcome to visit, see what we have to say, and even provide your opposing views. We invite your further comments to the responses to your initial article. But, nothing on this website should stick in your craw because we are not forcing anything down your throat. We respect your right to disagree with us and we have no expectation of converting anyone firm in his or her faith.


  1. see Meditation 362
  2. which I believe the Bible makes clear is not your god's name.
  3. See for example Exodus 20:2-3