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Evolutionists are more rational.

by Maarten van den Driest

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In response to Mr. DeLucchi:

Rest assured, not many people spell without making any errors at all. (I am not among them.) Especially on the internet - where English is often enough the second or third language of the participants - discussions can't really be rated by spelling. More important are the points you bring forward.

You seem to use mostly sarcasm in your post, a description of what you perceive as the "holier-than-thou" attitude of evolutionists. (Maybe that should be more-rational-than-thou.)

Sadly - for you - evolutionists have a point. They are more rational in the sense that they do use the scientific method and creationists don't.

In summary, the creationist says: "God created the Earth and we can prove it this-and-that way." The evolutionist says: "An overwhelming amount of evidence points to natural selection as the best way to explain evolution. Therefore we should accept that as our theory, for now."

You see the difference. No one says creationists can't be rational people. However, it is true that creationists make a few very big assumptions before they start being rational and that is never a good idea. The assumption that God created the Earth carries an even bigger assumption: that God exists. This idea can in-and-of itself never be plugged into any rational theory.

Science has never claimed to have all the answers. After hundreds of years of work by thousands of people we do have a considerable amount of theories that work so amazingly well that we kinda take them to be fact. However, every scientist is aware of the fact that he or she is merely describing and explaining reality, not dictating it.

By the way, you focus on Evolution now, but this argument works in almost exactly the same way for any other Bible-Science debate.