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Talk Back 55
Rational Thought

by Anthony DeLucchi

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The evolutionists believe they are rational in their thought processes.

The creationists believe they are rational in their thought processes.

Then again, how silly of me, evolutionists have to be right otherwise how can they be rational. We creationists, we believe anything really, we are superstitious, we believe in star signs, we believe in angels and demons, we might even believe in UFO's and looking over my spelling we cannot seem to spell either! So our level of intellect is suspect as well. Whereas our evolutionary counterparts are well read, well versed in the genetical sciences and the natural sciences plus they have a general knowledge of basic geographical history of the ever-changing climatic conditions of this planet and they also have a deep cognizance of the appearance of land and the disappearance of land to fully conclude how and why life evolved where it did and why it did and to what end result this pattern of evolution will eventually lead, but us poor creationists we believe we do not actually know the why, or the where or all these complicated equations or theorems of quantum mathematics to attempt to answer all the questions the evolutionist seem to know but the evolutionist is an honourable student who does not dare jump to conclusions based entirely on theory, of course there is no God, why would a God create such a world, is it not purely by accident that we are just so far from the sun, is it not purely by accident that the other planets lay where they are, and it is by far the most monstrous accident that everything we need for life is found only here on this piece of real estate in our entire galaxy, my what an accident!