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Talk Back 51

by Anthony Delucchi

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Apathy, seeing but not caring?

Or is it too scary to care whether there be a God or not? A whole mass of people, not caring whether the child in the street lives or dies, does the child in the street care? Or do you believe if you initiate an action it would add too much responsibility upon you? We actually are not extras in the movie of life, we are actually the main characters and everything we do reflects in our nature, so if we do not care if there be a Creator or a beneficial God, how can we become hurt when the ones we shower with special favours or love do not acknowledge our efforts? Apathy unfortunately breeds apathy. Now using the same gauge, if we retaliate because of the lack of gratitude we are sure we deserve, our "friends" become confused at such emotional outbursts. I mean how can they understand the depth of you, if they cannot even empathize with you through the lack of involvement which Apathy actually is!

So you claim, if there is a God so what! What does he do for me? All I have I have attained myself, I obey the law, the law does not hound me, I love my spouse, my spouse loves me so why do I need God? What does it matter then? I could explain the gift of eternal life, but you would answer, who wants to live forever? I am sorry so many people have lost the plot. The question is not simply is there a God, we have forgotten who we are, what we are. When you figure something out you tend to balance the pros- and cons within your own psyche, who do you think you are talking to? Yourself? Correct, you are conversing with yourself, but how can one speak as two when you are only one? We are dualistic in our nature that is why we can change our minds, rebel against the norm argue and disagree, and love and care, we are both physical and spiritual, but our material side has been totally swamped within this 3 dimensional world of ours, we have forgotten much of what we were. Yes it is easier to play only on the surface were we can see and feel things, than to drop below the surface and face a terrifying world of the unknown now this is where God is, here is where our eternity lies and our only guide is God, oh there are many guides on this level and on the surface level who will gladly take us anywhere we think we want to go, but what does it matter that you gain all you see only to lose your spirit in the end. Now God promises us we can have both, our material self and our spiritual self in Him just by following his path...