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How can you be apathetic?

by Dano

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This is a question.... How can you be apathetic about the existence of a supreme being so much to the extent as to create a "church" based on your apathy? I read through your stuff and ( I could be wrong here) it seems more like you are a little bitter about the condition of the world- personally, I can relate- but if you would take the time to put the apathy front aside, you can see how much our supreme does care- so much in fact as to offer eternal life- to give his only son to die because not only does he care, but He loves you personally - so much that he wants you to spend eternity with him- this world is crooked and depraved not because of a supreme being's apathy, but because of our (myself included) apathy....

I am sure you probably get a lot of emails like this- feel free to write back if you'd like, but don't feel obligated- I think your church is interesting, but I couldn't help but feel burdened for you- there is hope in this world and I KNOW it for a fact- I agree with the agnostic idea that a truth should not be asserted without sufficient evidence to support the claim, but I have researched and there is sufficient evidence to prove there is a supreme being, he loves us unconditionally, he is just.

The true agnostic's faith (as proposed by Huxley who coined the term) says that a thing might be unknown, but not necessarily unknowable... maybe you can think about it- we might not know God fully right now- it's hard to see Him through all grime of this world, but He makes himself accessible- He can be known.... Maybe just think about it- He offers hope, peace, and TRUTH.

Have a good day and thanks for challenging me to think through your church's claims....