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Talk Back 38
I place a challenge before agnostics and before atheists

by Margaret Opine

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This site appears to be just for males because there seems to be a war going on. Anyway, I'm a spiritualist now. I was a Christian because my mother raised me Christians. I later changed as an adult. I place a challenge before agnostics and before atheists to prove that there has never been one human group in existence that did not created "god." (An abiding focus or focal point with varying pronouns for names or otherwise description that gave rise to abiding.) To say that God doesn't exist is TOTALLY overlooking the fact that God does exist. You're arguing and talking about God all the time. Like dah! You can say somebody's cosmology and mythology is unbelievable and unthinkable -- to you, and that be your opinion and challenge but when it comes to proof of God's existence-- that's your proof. God exist; you're talking about God and you have your position to negate God. And the other people have their position to substantiate God. So. God is in existence. God is reality. God is a state and stage of consciousness in the human experience. There is no denying God for millions while you can spend the rest of your life aruging that God doesn't exist. That makes God still existing. I'm an anthropologist as well.