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Talk Back 34
Witness to God

by Kurt Kawohl

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My spiritual experiences witnessed God as being a spiritual unity. My spirit interacted with the Spirit of God which included the spirits of Muhammed, Jesus, Abraham, Moses and all of the souls who are a part of God. ( A well-known artist is in the process of painting a rendition thereof)

In my first posting I stated, it felt as if my spirit left my body and it experienced being in a place with a gathering of souls or spirits. I sensed great peace, tranquility and ecstasy -- a rapture that was beyond a person's imagination. I felt as if I was a part of ALL, a part of God. I was mentally communicating and in sync with everyone, including not only some of my deceased acquaintances and relatives, but many of the prophets of the bible, and historical people I had read about.

There was no dominant force, no forceful leader. I somehow knew who everyone was. Every thought interacted with the whole community. I had no questions; it seemed as if everything was revealed and crystal clear. I saw the universe stretched out with spirits engaged in mental interaction like master craftsmen contemplating the creation of a new frontier. My spirit observed the entire history and the evolution of the universe and our varying perceptions of God, as if in a fast-forward film.