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Talk Back 33
The Paradox of God

By Jeremy

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Can God make a rock so big that he cannot lift it? I have heard that many times before as a Christian. I'm sure you have. So I ask you. Assuming that God does exist (which you may or may not be willing to do) can he?

My answer as a Christian is, "Yes, No, Neither, Both and everything in between and outside of those previous answers."

If God really is who he claims to be, then he would have to be able to make the rock but not lift it, make the rock and lift it, not make the rock and not lift it, not make the rock and lift it, etc. For him to be omnipotent he would be able to do all of these plus the other combinations which you might be able to think of plus any that you cant think of.

I know you may think that some of these combinations sound crazy. You are right. But, God is not bound by the same rules of logic as we humans. In fact he cannot (and can) be.

If God is and isn't omnipotent he exists and doesn't exist. He is and isn't. God is a paradox. Perhaps the only paradox with and without a solution. He is the alpha and the omega. See, he even says so himself. He does (and doesn't do) things which are mutually exclusive. That is where our ignorance comes into play. We cannot possibly hope to ever concieve of what God is and isn't. Our minds are to feeble (I'm getting a headache already!).

God was not meant to be understood by the likes of men. And besides, "The only true knowledge is knowing that we know nothing."