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Discussion 1 to Talk Back 22
A Reply to Talk Back 22

by Rhett Kuseski

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I hear what you are saying Peter. But you need to understand that some of us have already been down that road.

I have felt the fulfilling-ness of giving, the peace of submitting to Christ, had tears at conversion, I experienced the forgiving grace of God and the energy boost from the power of the Holy Spirit. I was a Xian for nine years. I attended church events 3-4 times a week. I worked for the church full time, took classes at church and taught bible studies. I was in a men’s study group and I even lived in a church ministry house with church friends. But over time it did not last.

The experience was more emotional and psychological even though I was big into Christian proofs and evidences. After much philosophic, spiritual, and theological reflection, I have found new peace and energy in knowing that I am an atheist and that I can make this life as fulfilling as I am able. I am not bound by the tyranny of the church. I am proud to be a freethinker - tolerant and loving to all religions, but will challenge any dogmatic assertions.

The truth is out there. Be brave enough to search for it.