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Why do I believe in God?

by Amanda

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My name is Amanda and I am 14 years old. I am a Christian. I have read your web site. You see I was very curious because my very good friend is agnostic. I must tell you that I admire your rules for living. Your methods are "right" in the sense that you teach to do the right thing. I am also taught to do the right thing. I am not taught to do the right thing because I will go to Heaven because of it. No one is perfect and no one can do the right thing all the time, no matter how hard they try, everyone has faults; therefore it is impossible to do the right thing and expect to go to Heaven. I was very compelled to write this, not to convert you, but to plant a seed per se. I don't believe people can convert others, it is only the person's decision. I believe God is working in everyone's life. I believe whether they see Him or not He is there.

Why do I believe in God? I know many that would say it is because I was raised like that. That we pray every night and that made me spiritual. I don't believe this is true. I have felt the love of God. I don't know how ever to explain this to you, for you are probably laughing, but it is true. Have you ever felt alone? Like no one understands you or there is no one to help you...that is when I knew...It wasn't the stories about Jesus, it was that one moment that I KNEW with all of my heart that God does exist. I never read the Bible, so that didn't convince me nor did my mom's stories about her life convince me...it was a feeling(I think it is best to read the Bible for help and advice,,not to convince you that the religion is right.)

Well I will end this by saying that Jesus has been my Savior and that whenever I am in need I know where to look. No one has ever said that being a Christian would be easy, but I know that it is the best thing for me....You will be hearing much for from me,,for I have a lot to say and my passion for the strength of love in God is incomprehensible.

My thoughts will be with you,,