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Reflections on Ethics 122
Human Morality: encouragement

by: Gordon Barthel

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The best human morality is encouraging, using the power of words to build people from within, using the power of words to build another’s sense of personal competence, using the power of words to build their confidence.

It is encouraging a baby to walk and encouraging an infant to say mommy and daddy; it is cheering a child playing sports; it is praising a child for doing well on a school exam; it is congratulating an adolescent for completing another year of education.

Encouraging morality is an employer recognizing an employee for their exception work; it is a supervisor praising a subordinate for completing a complex task with no errs; it is one colleague praising another for their ability to coordinate multiple tasks from multiple departments into a seamless project.

Encouraging morality is simply the power of simple, honest words, “well done, my friend,” good job, son.” It is simply words that recognize competence, words that build confidence because they acknowledge somebody has the ability to accomplish something of value.

Encouraging morality is simply praising somebody’s ability and accomplishments. It is recognizing somebody can run and jump, they can sing and play beautiful music, they can create beautiful, practical clothing or they can create culinary delights.

Encouraging morality is the power of believing every human has ability, believing they can climb the highest mountain or swim the widest river. It is believing they can build beautiful, functional homes or create elegant, tranquil gardens. Encouraging morality is simply believing every human has value, every human has talent and all it takes to develop that talent is a few kind words recognizing their efforts and celebrating their accomplishments.

That is the best human morality, employing the power of a few kind words to build somebody’s confidence and dignity, employing the power of a few kind words to build somebody’s sense of personal competence and value.

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