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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 6
On the Constitutionality of Posting the 10 Commandments

by Scott Klajic

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As far posting the 10 commandments in schools, even accounting for the "versionism" that might take place, it is not even close to a violation of the establishment clause. The different english versions of the Bible are not the official texts of different religions. It is the difference between "religion" and "denomination" I think you are referring to. But again, the "legitimate" denominations do not divide along translations. To establish a religion, the government would have to say "Christianity is the OFFICiAL religion of the United States. Everyone will attend at least twice a week, at the following church. They will make the following statements of faith. They will give this much money." And they would be compelled to do so through the police power of the state. We are far from that. The left in this country wants ALL public expression of religion banned. They especially hate the idea of elected officials who openly state that they are guided morally by their religious beliefs. The framers of our constitution never contemplated such nonsense.