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Discussion 1 to the 4th Commandment
Working on the Sabbath

by: James Kerwin

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Thank you for an excellent examination of the Ten Commandments.

As I read your statements on the 4th Commandment it struck me that all the televangelists we see are actually "working" on the Sabbath, are they not? They ask for donations, so they're getting paid very handsomely for their work.

Of course they say they're "doing Gods work", so if they are actually doing God's work, (I see no exception for this in the commandment.) why do they ask their followers to make out a check payable to their ministry?

If I sent in a check (fat chance!) and addressed it payable to God thus eliminating the middleman what would happen ? Would they send it back ? Doubtful. Most likely it would be cashed with all the thousands of other checks unseen by human eyes but recorded and deposited in that great cash box somewhere here on earth.

Yours in apathy,