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The 10 Commandments as a Basis for Morality?

4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

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There is no question that a day of rest after six of labour is nice. And two of rest after five of labour sounds even better. What about three after four? But is this a moral issue?

And what about the six days of creation in verse 11? Do we really want this denial of science and knowledge hanging in the classroom? Is this not just an attempt to sneak creationism into the schools?

And which sabbath are we talking about here? Perhaps it comes as news to some, but not all believers accept Sunday.

This commandment addresses only an issue of religious observance, not morality.

The first four commandments have been fairly easy to address in terms of rating for moral value, but bear with me. The issues get a little more complex in the remainder.

Moral value of the fourth commandment: 0 / 10



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