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The 10 Commandments as a Basis for Morality?

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me

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I opened this discussion with a claim by an Alabama Judge that the Ten Commandments is the source from which all morality springs. And yet, in reading and thinking about this first commandment, I can not find one iota of moral guidance. To claim this is the source of all morality is to claim that only the followers of this one particular god can be moral. And that is an assertion I utterly reject.

And if we read the first commandment in context, that is including the prologue which the Jewish tradition makes a separate commandment, it is clear to whom this commandment and all the others are addressed. It is addressed specifically to those who were brought out of bondage in Egypt, and presumably their descendants. That is the "thee" in the middle of the second verse. No-one else. There is no suggestion in these words attributed to the God of the Jews that these commandments should ever apply to anyone else.

This commandment has nothing to do with morality. It is solely concerned with religious observance.

Moral value of the first commandment: 0 / 10


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