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Discussion 2 to Ask the Patriarch 231
Thank you for your quick response

by: GCP

To add to this exchange of views (or any other,) please use the Contact form. This discussion has been continued.

Thank you so very much. This has been an issue that has troubled me for some time, and your quick response is greatly appreciated.

It has been a struggle to stop the Mormons from harrassing me and other family members. I had joined when I was 16 but realized their doctrine was a crock when I was 18 (for various reasons.) When I was informed that my brother had baptized my father after he died, in spite of his convictions, I informed my brother that I would "Unbaptize him". Thank you for helping me fulfill my promise.

FYI, the Mormons have baptized millions of people after death, without their consent, by purchasing lists of names in graveyards, from obituaries and several other resources which document the deceased. The numbers include lists of Holocaust victims (which the Jewish community has considered a serious occurance of disrespect, bordering on anti-Semitism); criminals against humanity such as Hitler and his Nazi cohorts; and even Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy had joined the Mormons while on his killing spree in Utah. After his conviction, the Mormons did everything they could to excommunicate him. Then after he died, they re-baptized him.

I know my father would not have wanted to be associated with any organization that would include Hitler and Ted Bundy as members.

I will be informing people of your site, including passing the information along to other "Ex-Mormons" who are as outraged by that church's policy as I am.

Again, thank you.