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Ask the Patriarch 219
Agnostic holidays

from: Jessie

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Do Agnostics have any traditions? Holidays?

The Patriarch replies:


As I wrote in response to the previous question (also published today) there is no central agnostic authority. Agnostics make their own decisions , and what they celebrate as holidays and traditions are up to each of them as individuals.

If you look through this web site, you may note that there is a Church Calendar for the Apathetic Agnostic Church which does give a lengthy list of days we recognize - but while it makes for what I hope is interesting and amusing reading, I doubt any agnostic takes the full list seriously. Possibly the day most observed by agnostics (along with atheists) would be Darwin Day. But even then, we are talking about a minority.

In Western society today, most major religious traditions and holidays have become secularized and legally decreed as public holidays. Agnostics for the most part celebrate these official holidays along with everyone else. We just skip out on the "going to church" part.

If you check out the list of questions in the FAQ (main page, left column) for Christmas and Halloween, you will find a variety of opinions on these days, some of which can be generalized for other such holidays.