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Ask the Patriarch 176
Cover our bible study group, so that we can work together

from: Geoffrey Nyamari Okienya

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Dear servants of the living  God. I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ son of the living God.

Blessing, honour, glory and power be onto Him who sits up the throne.

I am servant Geoffrey Nyamari Okienya from Kenya.

I am very much glad and happy to pass through your web page whereby I have gone to your fundamentals beliefs of statements and I am impressed with your faith. Because of your fundamental beliefs and faith that is why I have decided to be with you spiritually.

I am married to my wife Lispher Mokeira  and God has blessed us with one  child a daughter. My blood brothers are all Christians and we believe in the second coming kingdom of God. A part from the family members we have got another group of people whom we come together for a Bible study without under any denomination. Because of your good fundamental beliefs that is why we have decided that if possible you cover our bible study group, so that we can work together under your fundamental faith (Mark 15:16, Romans 1:1-16,Proverbs 25:25).

God bless you as we wait for your response. 

Yours brother in Christ. 

Geoffrey Nyamari Okienya.

The Patriarch replies:

Dear Geoffrey:

I am unable to provide you with any financial assistance to help you with your bible study group. As a non-Christian, I would not provide you with such assistance if I was able. However, I will assist you by providing some guidance for your group. Here are some suggestions which you might wish to focus on in your bible study group (if indeed you have one):

While these are not in themselves Christian ideas, many Christians think they are. And each of these moral values is addressed in the bible with many supporting passages. So, in your future bible study, I suggest you find a selection of the relevant passages, consider what they mean, then apply them to your own life in future.

Your message demonstrates convincingly that you are a liar. You are using your lies in a fruitless attempt to steal from me. Contrary to what you claim, you have not taken the slightest effort to examine our fundamental statements of beliefs, nor do you have the slightest clue what they mean. You are just another mindless criminal who has done a web search on the word "church" with the sole purpose of stealing from credulous, but charitable, Christians.

Perhaps some of those Christians won't be so credulous and before responding to your plea for help, will do a web search on your name. When they find this web page, it will serve to warn them what a lying con-man you are.

Geoffrey Nyamari Okienya - through this attempted fraud, you have disgraced your name and the name of your family. And if you are indeed a Christian, through this scam you are spitting directly in the face of your god. You should be ashamed.

Don't bother writing again.


John Tyrrell