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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 120
How sad.

by Diane

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How sad. If only you could take the same 'I don't know and I don't care because it doesn't matter' attitude you profess to have about God* and apply it to the THEORY** of evolution. And to think I briefly harbored the silly notion I might have found a place a could belong.

I'm not going to argue with you, it's pointless. Just as pointless as if there is or is not a God. Just as pointless as how we got here - we are here, so how about stopping all the wasted time, energy, effort, funding, etc. in a fruitless search to "prove" the improvable about how we got here? How we got here is just as irrelevant as God.


*Capitalized because it is a proper name regardless of fiction or reality - Batman is fiction and you have no problem with that capital B do you?

**As in unproven and improvable - unlike gravity for instance, which can be witnessed being physically proven beyond a doubt.