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Ask the Patriarch 120
Where do you stand on evolution?

from Diane

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I'm confused. Where exactly does the Apathetic Agnostic Church stand on the Theory of Evolution? It is very clear that there is a belief against Creationism, and I have no problem with that because I also find Creation to be a myth. That's not why I'm asking. I'm asking because I also find that Evolution is a THEORY, not a fact. The writings on the pages of your website are diverse, so I am uncertain if your church treats Evolution as theory, belief, fact, or what.

The Patriarch replies:


I'm not sure why you are confused about my stand on evolution. While we have published articles from some individuals who do not, for whatever reason, accept the scientific evidence, I have consistently taken the position that evolution is the best interpretation of the facts.

Evolution is not a "theory, with respect to common usage to the word "theory." It is only a theory in the narrow scientific usage - in the same way that gravity is a theory, relativity is a theory, the universe developing out of a singularity is a theory, genetics is a theory, etc.

I accept current scientific opinion with respect to all these scientific theories, but I recognize that new evidence might amend or overturn any of them in the future.

I refer you to Meditation 451 - Terminology and again suggest that it is time that those who accept the findings of science ceased to use the phrase Theory of Evolution.