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Ask the Patriarch 86
I don't understand

José Barreto

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I don't understand the three articles of faith (why this trinity?) of the Apathetic Agnostic Church. If I put you the question: Do you believe in God (or in any god)? Yes - No, what will be your answer? Just looking at the 3 articles, I can't imagine what the answer could be. I don't expect you to answer 'yes', but I am not sure you will say 'no' either, because you think that "To believe in the nonexistence of a god is likewise an act of faith". Again, what will be your answer? AN EVASIVE ONE? Something like this: "I don't believe neither in the existence nor in the inexistence of God" ? I didn't ask you that question. My question was: Do you believe in God? Yes - No.

José Barreto

The Patriarch replies:


Frankly, I don't understand your difficulty in understanding. Agnosticism is a very simple concept. It simply means that the existence of god is recognized to be unknown.

There is nothing evasive about "I don't know." It is direct. It is honest. It is the truth to the best of our determination.

You want an answer to the question "Do you believe in God?" No. I do not believe in god. But, nor do I disbelieve in god. I do not know whether or not there is a god.

If you have clear and convincing evidence for the existence or the non-existence of gods, then please submit it to this site for publication. If you are unable to provide such evidence, then I suggest it is inappropriate for you to call people evasive who honestly and directly state that they do not have the answer.