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Ask the Patriarch 42
Yet Another School Project

From Rebekah

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I am currently doing a studies of religion assessment at my school in which i am required to recieve a first hand response from an agnostic person on the following question:

"Can those individuals who choose an agnostic lifestyle find true meaning in their responses to the fundamental questions of life"

Those 'fundamental questions of life' being "why am i here?", "how did i get here?", "is there a purpose in life?" and "what happens and where do i go when i die?", amoung others...

It would be very highly appreciated if you could give any sort of response to these questions.

I thank you for your time


The Patriarch replies:

[Revisiting this after a number of years, I realize this response comes across as unduly snarky in places - particularly as I was answering a young student. I could and should have been a lot more respectful in my response, particularly as I wanted Rebekah to give my reply serious consideration. jt]


People seem to like to write to me with their school projects - you are not the first. I suggest you read the following for previous school projects and thoughts on the meaning of life:

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These will give you a good idea where I am coming from. I suggest you do read them to put the following into context and to fill in any holes you may think I've left in my answer.

As to the issues you raise:


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