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Ask the Patriarch 29
Are there meetings in my area?

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Name: Bo G

Comments : Does the church have services or meetings if so where can I find my local congregation? Florence KY (closest major city Cincinnati OH)

The Patriarch replies:


Normally, I would have replied directly to you, but your email address was invalid; probably a typo as this is not the type of question that comes from a deliberately false address.

In general, we currently do not have formal meetings, at least not in the way faith-based churches do. I know some of our members do meet socially, but that is about it.

We do have online meetings through our Chat facility, and our members message board also serves as a meeting place for discussion, albeit at a more relaxed pace.

A group of our members in the US has incorporated and are meeting in a mini-convention in Atlanta later this month. (July 2003) I would expect in the coming months they will be developing their own web site and be open for membership. Once they get large enough, I would expect them to have a branch structure and regular local meetings. Once they are ready to go, their organization will be publicized on this site.

So, the short answer to your question is no. But that may change. If you are really interested, then get involved and help that change take place.