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Ask the Patriarch 28
Where do Agnostics stand?

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Name: Mylene Liwayan
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Comments : Religion Assignment

I would like to know where agnostics stand on the origins of the universe, life after physical death, value of the human person, and material accumulation as well as views on:

thank you

The Patriarch replies:


If you are looking for a reply sent to you, it helps to know your email address. You apparently don't know yours. Perhaps you will check back to this section.

Agnosticism is only a statement of what we know, or don't know, about the existence of God. It is nothing more.

Nearly all agnostics reject all religious myths as to the origin of the Universe (yes, religious myth includes Genesis.) We believe scientific theories of creation are far more likely to express truth.

There is no official agnostic "position" on the other issues you have raised. Agnostics have just about the same range of opinions as the world at large. Politically, we range through the whole spectrum of left through right.

I have expressed my own views on several of the issues you have raised in various essays on this web site. They are my own views, and not attributable to all agnostics. If you are interested in those views for your school assignment, then read the site. I'm sorry, but I'm not writing your essay for you.