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Ask the Patriarch 27
How about a High School Diploma?

From: Stephen Smith

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Note: For those who wonder about Reverend Smith's mention of a brief altercation: he was one of the several who inspired Meditation 82; he has been turned down by us for ordination more than once; for a few weeks, he used his Christian Ministry web site to conduct a "war on Apathetic Agnosticism"; he was the author of Talk Back 26 "Your corrupted organization," subsequently withdrawn by him, more recently replaced with "You are cursed with a curse" Perhaps some or all of that is what he considers a "brief altercation." Not a description I would use. I consider our interactions "amusing."

I am Steven Smith, the two of us had a brief altercation (which I have completely let go). I was wondering if the University would grant High School diplomas via email. Please give me an answer on this issue it is very important, I would not bother you unless I really needed your assistance.

Stephen Smith

The Patriarch replies (unusually briefly):


I have too much respect for the effort involved in graduating from high school to consider this.


And the Reverend Smith responds:

Mr. Tyrrell

Greetings be unto you threw our Lord Christ Jesus. I appreciate your speedy response to my questions. Even Though your response was not what I was expecting I am not angry nor will I hold a grudge. Again, Mr. Tyrrell I thank you for you response. GOD Bless.

Yours Contending For The Faith,
Pastor Steven M. Smith
Sure Foundation, U.C.A.
The United Christian Association

The Patriarch replies (at a trifle more length):


What on earth were you expecting?

You could not seriously have expected a High School diploma to be issued, or that it would have any academic value if issued. It is nowhere mentioned on the University web site (http://www.nescience.org) nor on any of the Church sites.

Why would you possibly think it might be appropriate to be angry?

Why would you possibly think it might be appropriate to hold a grudge over this issue?

Very strange!

And what does "threw our Lord Christ Jesus" mean? Really! - look up "threw" in a dictionary.