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Ask the Patriarch 20
I need your help / support

I'm not nasty to all the Christians who write me - I gave this one the benefit of the doubt.

From: S***** A*****

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I am a 23 years old young Science graduate(B.Sc in Chemistry and Biology). Two months ago God blessed me and by His grace I embraced Jesus Christ accepting Christianity and leaving islam.

I am living among a very violent and extremist muslim community and so possess no chance of church education/teaching/training.

Now I want to develop/teach/train myself in the way of God and so need your help/support.

The Patriarch replies:


I appreciate the difficulties in professing Christianity in an Islamic country. It can be difficult and dangerous.

But you have contacted an agnostic organization. That means we doubt the existence of any god whatsoever. We are unbelievers, and to associate with us may be even more dangerous than being Christian.

If you wish, I will pass your information on to a Christian organization who may be able to provide spiritual guidance. But, I will not send your information on until you give me permission to do so.

Follow up: S***** requested a referral and I passed his correspondence on to an Anglican minister in my community. Perhaps a "poisoned" referral because I suspect this will turn out to be a request for financial assistance, not spiritual. But, I did make sure the person I sent this on to had no illusions.

Follow up 2 (March 2006): Having received several similar messages, I am much more jaundiced about their validity. This type of plea now just gets trashed.