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Ask the Patriarch 7
I want my husband back!

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An anonymous correspondent writes:

You get my husband out of this NOW!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally against it ie. he decieved me, lied to me! How can he be a clergy man when he avoids his own childern and lies to his wife!

The Patriarch replies:

I apologize for replying to you in this public forum, but your anonymity and apparently false E-mail address (mad@upyours.net) mean I cannot give you a private reply. And I do wish to extend you the courtesy of considering your complaint as genuine.

We do not normally expel people from our organization. They join of their own free will, and they leave under the same circumstances. So I will not be getting your husband out of this organization now, tomorrow or next year, or ever. I assume that as he is apparently married with children, he is an adult capable of making his own decisions.

Nor will his departure from this organization, whether willingly or under pressure from you, serve to resolve whatever marital difficulties you may have. People with different religious beliefs can live together as long as they are prepared to treat each others beliefs, and each other for that matter, with mutual respect.

Calling unwitting third parties, such as me, into family disputes in this way does not help solve the problem. Rather it tends to make things worse as it reflects badly on both of you.

I would suggest, assuming your complaint is genuine, that together, you seek family counselling. You need help in resolving this problem, if you indeed seek a real and lasting solution.