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Ask the Patriarch 5
Can I still go to Church?

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A new member writes:

Hi my name is David and I am 16. My parents have forced me to go to church since I was a child and I will not believe what was brainwashed upon me as a kid. When I found this web site and church, the articles of faith were exactly how I felt, and I joined instantly. My problem is my best friends go to the church that I still go to. I am really involved in the youth group because I really like the people and I go to church on Sundays to see them. Whenever they talk about god or pray or anything I just keep quiet and I never say anything during church when the congregation is to respond. Is it OK to still be a part of the UCTAA and go to the church where my friends are?

The Patriarch responds:


Even some of our adult members attend church and for a number of reasons. Like you, some attend because they enjoy the opportunity to socialize; some because their spouse is a believer, and it helps marital harmony; others just like watching the familiar ceremony; and others go for the singing, either to listen or to participate.

It is important for your own sake that you continue to recognize the reasons you attend, and separate the attendance from your personal beliefs. And try not to be drawn into any activity which would compromise your personal belief - such as active proselytizing for that particular church, for that would be hypocrisy.

Do not feel pressured to change your beliefs - and extend the courtesy to your church friends not to try to change their beliefs, unless of course they ask you questions and show a willingness to discuss the issue.

But do enjoy the company of friends. It's a vital part of life.