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A Miscellany 413
The Story of Samson

A YouTube trilogy by DarkMatter 2525 based on a very literal reading of Judges 13-16 (with perhaps a little artistic license on Samson's accent.)

Parts 2 and 3 include extra-Biblical commentary by God and the Angel Jeffrey.

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Part I - Samson Da Barbarian

"Long ago, God gave supernatural strength to a mass-murdering psychopath. This is his story, the story of Samson Da Barbarian."

Part II - Samson's Revenge

"God punishes the Israelites with oppression, and then gives Samson super powers to violently liberate the Israelites from the oppression God inflicted upon them."

Part III - Samson and Deliliah

"The epic conclusion of Samson's story. There's just so much wrong with this tale. "

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