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A Miscellany 333
Two Views of Christmas

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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I am celebrating Christmas this year;
From God or the Devil, I haven't fear.
For, it just feels good to be giving;
'Tis a very important part of living.
For Christmas, I celebrate;
The simple fact that I can relate;
To this world with the power of poetry; no one can disagree.
Look me up as "msjwh" on Google;
For, my poetry is not at all frugal.

I was in the middle of fighting with my man;
Trying to do the best I can.
I went up to check the mail;
And, I discovered that Christians fail.
While I was in anguish, they were singing Christmas carols;
I'd like to roll them all down the hill in barrels.
For, these bitches have done me wrong;
And with them, I will not sing Christmas song.
For, Christmas they can all go to hell;
And break all of their necks after they fell.
For, these women, unto me have harassed;
They are all snobby and don't realize that we are all underclass.
I am schizophrenic, so I love and hate constantly;
Ask anyone who knows me and he or she will agree.
That's why I keep to myself, my man, and my kitties;
For the world outside our apartment, I don't see as very pretty.
For, within our walls, I am protected from people;
And I don't have to pray to God under a steeple.