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Discussion 1 to A Miscellany 282
An affront to the eyes of God

by: JT

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On the same theme as Jimmy Carters' comments, Roger Ebert takes up the issue in his blog:

An affront to the eyes of God

In closing, Ebert referred to the recent Hitchens-Blair debate writing:

Blair and Hitchens made points one might agree with, and points one might not. At one point, Hitchens asked Blair a question that hung in the air for a second and went unanswered, because Blair must have had no answer. This was the question:

"Is it good for the world to consider women as an inferior form, as all religions do?"

The article is well worth taking the time to read.


One of the videos Ebert uses to support his comments is this one by a Fr. Edgardo Arellano on the ordination of women who argues that this is a closed issue.

Note that when this self-satisfied priest finds it necessary to refer to the pedophilia scandal in his church, he dishonestly calls it a homosexual scandal. Later in his sermon, he talks about the trivialization of sex. A better example of trivialization would be the equating of same-sex relations between consenting adults to an adult forcing his unwanted attentions on an unwilling child. There's a fundamental difference - and this priest chooses to be blind to it.