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Discussion 1 to A Miscellany 230
How to get a doctorate from IUN

by: George Q. Tunques
Registrar, International University of Nescience

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I'll just deal with your desire to identify yourself as a Doctor of Apathetic Agnosticism.

We really have no control over what you choose to call yourself, so you are free to claim that you really are Doctor of Apathetic Agnosticism. But, perhaps you are looking for a document to support such a claim in case you are challenged.

Doctorates are available from IUN in two ways.

Once you are ordained, you will get a link to the clergy resource site. In that web site is the procedure to become a Bishop - and a doctorate is normally issued to our Bishops. This is deliberately a discouraging process, and almost no-one does this, particularly as the requirements are increased every time a candidate succeeds. But, it is a way to get a doctorate and also be designated "The Very Reverend Doctor Your Name" instead of simply "The Reverend Your Name"

Alternatively, on the UCTAA web site there are several articles[1] which, in an attempt to generate discussion, offer doctorates in return for quality qualifying responses. Most are a few years old. However one recent one in the Miscellany section in which I have a personal interest is the search for recommendations for new IUN research projects. If you'd really like a doctorate, then I look forward to reading your research proposal.




  1. Meditation 20 and Meditation 38 are perhaps the earliest examples, and those challenges are still open.