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A Miscellany 146
God is Not Great

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Christopher Hitchens has a new book out: God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. I like Hitchens; he's a strongly opinionated writer who writes on a variety of topics and I probably agree with what he has to say about 80% of the time, and like me he takes a dim view of Dawkins' and Dennett's "brights" movement.

Excerpts of his book have been published here in Slate, where he is a regular correspondent, and also in Canada's National Post newspaper. (What did Muhammed Say; Why Heaven Hates Ham; and Joseph Smith's Long Con)

As usual with this type of writing, Hitchens is unlikely to turn anyone away from religion; he is preaching largely to the community of non-believers. But the excerpts are a good read. I recommend them. And if anyone is influenced to buy the book, a review would be appreciated.